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Secure, Quick And Bespoke Currency Exchange


Introducing Angra Limited (d.b.a. AngraFX), GST Group's Foreign Exchange Solution. AngraFX offers much better deals than you will get through a bank. AngraFX is the go-to solution for anyone looking for best exchange rate.


Our long-term experience of 9 years working with buyers and sellers across a range of industries is extensive. Our team will look at where we can add significant value to your bottom line, with more efficient and mindful foreign currency exposure management.


AngraFX offers fast, secure and reliable cross border payments to over 140 countries. Our global trading platform and agile start-up approach ensure swift processing of your overseas transactions. Trust us to provide the security you need and the speed you deserve.


Our systems are fully secured with the use of cryptographic protocols that provide communications security. (SSL Certificates) We are authorized by FCA and registered with HMRC under the Money Laundering Regulation. Our Privacy Policy ensures the protection of your and your beneficiaries' data.


Our extensive, nimble network and top-notch trading platform offer unmatched exchange rates and swift transaction completion. Our clients benefit from personalized service from financial specialists who assist in maximizing savings. Our platform, designed for ease-of-use, ensures fast, simple, and budget-friendly cross border payments.

Our reputation for professionalism and fair trade practices, as well as our client-focused approach, has been established over many years in the business. Our goal is to save clients money on their international transactions, and we guarantee a highly personalised experience for those who entrust us with their cross-border payments.

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